Frequently Asked Questions

What is ebounti?

ebounti is an online salon/spa booking aggregator that brings together the availabilities of multiple providers. ebounti lets users browse, book, pay and rate instantly, online with the app as well as portal, and no need to take your wallet to the spa or salon any longer.

How do you choose which provider to use?

As to Salons we conduct a background check and vet them as well. That being said, we try to make sure that there is something for everyone - so whether you’re looking for a low-priced on-the- run manicure, or a full-service no-expenses- spared pampering for your birthday, we’ve got you covered!

Do you guarantee your services?

YES! Our unconditional guarantee is that you receive the best service ever!

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule your appointment through app as well as website.

When can I do booking on ebounti?

24 hours a day 7 days a week. No more waiting for opening hours, book anytime you want.

Is my booking confirmed instantly?

Basically, all ebounti appointments are very quickly confirmed – no waiting around for your favourite providers to call or email you back to lock in a time. You will receive immediate on-screen confirmation of your booking, along with a confirmation email/SMS containing all appointment and Salon details.

Can I make multiple appointments at once?

Yes, you can! When you are making your appointment just tick as many services as you want from the services list.

Does using ebounti cost anything?

Not a thing! ebounti is a free service for our users, and we are happy to provide it to you!

How does payment work?

For Now, payment mode is Cash on delivery only.